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  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment Soluction Outdoor Fitness Equipment Soluction

    Happy Island is the leading provider of outdoor fitness equipment to public and private parks, schools, health industries, and military. As the industry leader, Happy Island. has provided equipment to thousands of exercise and fitness area installations around the world. Our unparalleled combination of quality and price cannot be beaten - neither can our commitment to customer service.
    Outdoor Fitness Equipment Soluction

    Happy Island is proud to offer powerful and attractive steel outdoor exercise stations for your outdoor gym, fitness park, or trail. Our wide selection of equipment will provide a complete fitness and recreational facility, building upper body, leg and back strength, enhancing agility, flexibility, endurance and cardiovascular health.
    The equipment can be installed as a cluster of outdoor exercise stations in an outside gym, on a fitness playground, or spaced along a fitness trail. It is effective for all ages, from elementary school children to senior citizens. Whether you are looking for outdoor fitness equipment for correctional facilities, military bases, behavioral healthcare facilities, parks, schools, or elderly homes, we have the tools you need to set up an outdoor gymnasium.
    Outdoor Fitness Equipment Soluction

    Happy Island has a vast selection of outdoor fitness equipment that was created to help anyone who uses our machines build muscle safely and effectively. The Outdoor Fitness equipment is built of powerful, heavy gauge steel and designed to last in outdoor environments. The equipment is attractive, and has a vibrant, durable powder coated finish. It is easily installed and requires minimal maintenance.Top-of-the-line outdoor gym equipment must be durable and capable of withstanding even the harshest of elements with limited maintenance. Our fully-assembled fitness equipment is designed and manufactured with functionality and durability in mind. Each piece is resilient to even the harshest weather and guaranteed to stand the test of time.
    Today, we all realize that fitness activities and an active lifestyle are essential to improved health, longevity and the enjoyment of life. Yet, people become increasingly sedentary and our nation faces a health and crisis due to declining fitness levels and growing rates of obesity, even among our youth. The biggest obstacles remain personal motivation and available opportunities.
    Outdoor Fitness Equipment Soluction

    Outdoor-Fitness Equipment is an important part of the solution. Now schools, parks, trails, community organizations, military units, businesses and individuals can benefit from installing an effective and substantial outdoor exercise and fitness area. The Outdoor Fitness concept assures that everyone can make important fitness gains in an enjoyable outdoor exercise environment.

    You can request a catalog here, or e-mail us to discuss your fitness goals or to request a quotation. Our customer service program will guide you through each step of the process.

    Contact a Happy Island Representative For More Information Today!

    Our price list will encourage you with the affordability of an outdoor fitness system to benefit you and your organization. You will not find a better fitness solution when considering price and quality.




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