Outdoor Playground Equipment

At Happy Island, we continuously provide bigger, more fun play experiences for children across the world with our high-quality, commercial-grade playground equipment. Our motto, “Big on Play … Low on Price,” guides us every day and helps us focus on our goal of providing affordable, durable children’s playground equipment for sale at great prices.
  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Climbers
  • Spinners
  • Park and site amenities
  • Slides No matter their age, children love a good slide! When visiting a playground, the slide is often the activity they run to first. Sliding trains the child's spatial awareness, which among others is important for managing traffic safely and their sense of balance. Spiral, zip, wavy, roller -- our playground slides offer adventure and fun!
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  • Swings No playground would feel complete without a swing set. With Happy Island®, you’ll find durable swings in a variety of colors that will enhance your playspace. Choose from a variety of bay options, then you can select the types of seats that will go in each bay, or add more bays to each set.
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  • Climbers Kids of all ages love to climb, and Happy Island wants to enhance that love with exciting playground climbers that help take thrills to new levels. We want kids to come to a playground feeling challenged and ready for fun. Our commercial playground climbers do exactly that by allowing kids to scale heights they didn’t think were possible. Our variety of options means there’s something for every playground, no matter the theme, size, or budget.
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  • Spinners Happy Island has continued to create innovative spinners, also known as merry-go-rounds, roundabouts and carousels, that thrill kids in schools and playgrounds everywhere. We pride ourselves on offering some of the most creative and thrilling playground spinner options, designed to get children moving.Whether you’re looking for fun freestanding playground equipment or components, Happy Island has a wide selection of spinning equipment to get kids excited.
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  • Park and site amenities Make any outdoor space complete with our high-quality site amenities. With our vast selection you'll find a design that perfectly compliments your space and a piece of craftsmanship that will last.
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